Saner, R; Yiu, L; “Participation of Civil Society Organisations in the United Nations and in the Aid Effectiveness Discourse and Related Standard-Setting Negotiations”, in Göymen, K; Lewis, R (eds), “Public Policymaking in a Globalized World”; Istanbul Policy Center, Istanbul; (2015); pp 149-185.

This paper consists of two parts. The first part analyses the involvement of non-state actors in the United Nations (UN) and its agencies. The engagement of non-state actors, particularly of the international non-governmental organisations (I-NGOs) and the various national civil society organisations (CSOs) dates back to the founding of the United Nations in 1945 and the analyses show a growing participation of NGOs from developed and developing countries. The second part describes the role and participation of the I-NGOs in the deliberations and negotiations on global public policymaking and standard setting negotiations of aid effectiveness.

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