This Diplomacy Dialogue Debate addresses the following question:
Could plurilateral agreements provide a way forward out of the current impasse of the WTO/Doha Round?

The inputs for this Policy Debate are based on exchanges amongst trade experts namely: Mr. Grant Aldonas, Senior Advisor (Non-resident), Centre for Strategic and International Studies; Mrs. Jane Drake-Brockman, Global Services Network; Mr. Guy de Jonquières, Senior Fellow at ECIPE and Ambassador B. K. Zutshi, Ambassador of India to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1989 to 1994)


For an in-depth analysis of the plurilateral options for WTO see:
Raymond Saner; (2012), Plurilateral Agreements: Key to solving impasse of WTO/Doha Round and basis for future trade agreements within the WTO context, CSEND Policy Brief Nr 7; ISSN 2235-8048, at: