Seminar on GATS/Tourism and Creative Industries


The objective of this seminar was to inform a group of 60 students from the University of Basle the general framework and challenges in developing Creative Industries and related Tourism sector in the context of the GATS.

Kosovo Study Programme "Regional Trade: Principles and Practices"


The purpose of this Programme for Kosovo representatives was to attend a study week in Geneva between the 16th to the 21st May 2010. Diplomacy Dialogue has arranged a week of modules and dialogue sessions with approximately 20 international trade representatives, officials and trade specialists. The objective of the Programme was to understand the legal and economic aspects of trade particularly with respect to regional trade principals and practices.

A two day seminar was organised for the Institute of Sociology, Basle University in Geneve, January 2008.  This seminar  includied both presentations and visits at different international organisations dealing with poverty, development and conflict issues and a simulated role play exercise on the negotiation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan beween  national government ministries, social actors and international financial institutions.  A detail programme is presented below.


Negotiation Simulations developed or adapted by DiplomacyDialogue, CSEND, Geneva, 1985- present

A documentary of the life of a diplomat abroad.

Sie dürfen ungestraft falsch parken, genießen Immunität und bewegen sich im feinen Zwirn elegant im Glanz der High Society. Soweit das Vorurteil über Diplomaten. Doch die Wirklichkeit sieht anders aus. Diplomaten machen einen harten Job. Sie repräsentieren Deutschland in aller Welt, bauen Brücken zwischen den Kulturen und helfen Krisen vermeiden. Für die ARD-Dokumentation 'Traumjob Diplomat - Alltag in Deutschlands Botschaften' gewähren zwei Botschafter seltene Einblicke in das Leben, das sich hinter den Toren ihrer Residenzen abspielt.

English Translation

You may park your car wrongly with impunity, enjoy immunity and move elegantly in fine attire  in high society. Such are the prejudices many people have about diplomats. However, reality is quite different. The job of diplomats is tough and demanding.  They represent Germany in the world, build bridges between cultures and help prevent crises. For the ARD documentary 'dream job Diplomat - documenting everyday life of two German ambassadors in their respective Germany embassy  provides  insights into their lives which takes place behind the gates of their residences.