The Race for Regulation of Private Security Companies

The Race for Regulation of Private Security Companies. 12. November 2015.

Prof. Dr. Raymond Saner
Sciences Po, Paris;
University of Basel & DiplomacyDialogue, Geneva

1st International Conference on Business Diplomacy

December 4th 2015 – The Netherlands

Venue: Windesheim University of Applied Sciences – Zwolle (The Netherlands).
In collaboration with Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael, Ghent University (Belgium) and Diplomacy Dialogue (Geneva)

Theme: Global legitimacy challenges for international companies and strategic business diplomacy 


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Searching for trade policy changes to stop climate warming

Prof. Raymond Saner at the TRI-CC conference: Searching for Progress in Key Areas. He highlighted the “regime failure” in the context of global trade and climate change challenges and called for urgent actions. He went on to proposes a new set of green WTO agreements that would encompass TRIMS, TRIPS and a trilateral plurilateral on energy, environment and trade & development.

Details of this frame breaking policy proposal can be heard at here

IISD’s Trade, Investment and Climate Change Project (TRI–CC) convened a one-day conference in Geneva on October 13, 2011 at World Trade Organization (WTO) headquarters. In three sessions, a roster of internationally respected speakers addressed.

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United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development/DESA/UNCSD

The role and importance of TNCs and FDI in low-carbon development
Multinational (MNC) or transnational corporations (TNC) are enterprises that manage production or deliver  services in more than one country. The International Labour Organization further specifies that an MNC is a corporation which has its management headquarters in one country (the “home country”) and operates in several other (“host”) countries. UNCTAD distinguishes financial from non-financial TNCs, because of the different  economic functions of assets of financial firms and the non-availability of relevant data on sales and employment.

2nd Round Table on Tourism

Policy Coherence for Sustainable Tourism Development. Selected Country Assessments, Information Seminar,26th April, WTO, Geneva