People at the Core: Humanitarian Work Psychology and the Global Development Agenda

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

People are at the core of organizations whose mission is to deliver aid, through local communities working to generate income, and through national and International leaders working to shape policies and create good governance. At various levels, these interventions aim to lift people and communities out of poverty and ensure a decent standard of living. Participants were invited to get an insight into the new field of Humanitarian Work Psychology (HWP), which, through the scientific study of the workplace, offers expertise about the well-being and performance of people in their work environment.

Participants were also offered an opportunity to find out how HWP benchmarks against the developmental goals set out by the United Nations in Agenda 2030 as the most pressing issues of our age, ranging from the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger and the achievement of universal primary education, to gender equality and empowerment, the reduction of child mortality, greater environmental sustainability and global partnership-building.