The Race for Regulation of Private Security Companies. 12. November 2015.

Prof. Dr. Raymond Saner
Sciences Po, Paris;
University of Basel & DiplomacyDialogue, Geneva

CUTS, a Jaipur-based non-governmental think-tank on trade and regulatory issues, organised a training programme in Jaipur from 18 to 21 August on "Strengthening Skills on Commercial and Economic Diplomacy" for middle-level Indian government officials and business executives. It is supported by the Department of Commerce, Government of India.


Prof. Raymond Saner was one of the trainers of the workshop and provided training on multi-actor FDI negotiations.

"UNCTAD Regional Conference on Policy consultation Workshop on Using TRIPS Flexibility for the Promotion of Licences for Pharmaceutical Patents", 19-23, March 2007, Addis Ababa.

 Final Report

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Organiser of five panels and 40 presenters during Annual Meeting of Society of Socioeconomics in Geneva, topics ranging from New Public Management, Human Rights, Governance, transborder Cooperation to Free Trade, total of 42 presenters from different countries, July 1996.

Plurilateralism against multilateralism? A multi-stakeholder perspective

WTO Public Forum, Session 29, 2012