Prof. Prof. Raymond Saner and Lichia Yiu will address the international conference on "The European Entrepreneurship in the Globalising Economy - Challenges and Opportunities", 9-12 September 2008 at Varna, Bulgaria.



Atellier de formation sur L'integration de la dimension emploi dans le MAP, august 2006, Madagascar

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Professional Development workshop, "SME Development in Economically Depressed Regions: A field Study of Economic Development Strategies and Best Practices in the Niagara Peninsula Region of Ontario, Canada; Presenter and PDW co-organizer, academy of Management, August 2000".

The role and importance of TNCs and FDI in low-carbon development
Multinational (MNC) or transnational corporations (TNC) are enterprises that manage production or deliver  services in more than one country. The International Labour Organization further specifies that an MNC is a corporation which has its management headquarters in one country (the “home country”) and operates in several other (“host”) countries. UNCTAD distinguishes financial from non-financial TNCs, because of the different  economic functions of assets of financial firms and the non-availability of relevant data on sales and employment.

"Trade Policy Making and Multi-stakeholder Diplomacy", Keynote speech at the Academic Lecture Series organized by CIRC, New Delhi, India, 04 July 2006.

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