Lecture given on Economic Diplomacy

Lecture given on Economic Diplomacy at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic on 10th April 2015.
Presentation has also been uploaded on website of Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies at the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague.

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Global Economic Governance from the Perspective of a “Small State”

Global Economic Governance from the Perspective of a “Small State” - Economic Diplomacy of Switzerland

Published by the Economic Diplomacy Programme, SAIIA, Occasional Paper, No 124, November 2012.

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Turkey economic diplomacy

This Diplomacy Dialogue policy paper argues that in the coming period, the chances of Turkish accession process moving on smoothly will be greater if Turkey can continue managing its recent economic recovery and turning it into sustainable growth over the next decade. This will eliminate or at least reduce the deep-rooted concerns on the side of the EU about accession being too costly and too destabilizing in economic and social terms. An effective and targeted deployment of economic diplomacy in this context by the Turkish government, private sector and civil society, as well as international organizations in which Turkey is a member will be of great help in allaying fears in the EU that this 73-million nation will join the faltering club as an asset and not as a liability.

La Suisse est-elle soluble dans l’Europe

Crevoisier, J.; "Interview avec M. Raymond Saner - Pour réinventer la Suisse, allons à Singapour". La Suisse est-elle soluble dans l’Europe. Journal de Genève, Gazette de Lausanne. George Editeur, 1996.

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In light of the current food crisis, affected countries are implementing measures aimed at addressing the plight of the vulnerable and suffering populations. In this context, policy responses have also emanated from the relevant organisations and from the international financial institutions (IFIs) at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

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