Human security psychology: a linking construct for an eclectic discipline

Darrin Hodgetts, Veronica Hopner, Daniel Bar-Tal, Israel James H. Liu, Raymond Saner, Lichia Yiu, John Horgan, Rosalind Searle, Gustavo Massola, Moh Abdul Hakim, Leo Marai, Fathali Moghaddam
Review of General Psychology. University of Glasgow, UK (Early Online Publication) (doi: 10.1177/10892680221109124), 2022; ;

Abstract Since its inception as a modern and evolving discipline, psychology has been concerned with issues of human security. This think piece offers an initial conceptualization of human security as a broad security concept that encompasses a range of interrelated dimensions that have been responded to by different sub-disciplinary domains within psychology. We advance an argument for a human security psychology as a connecting focal point for general psychology that enables us to bring knowledge from across our eclectic discipline into further dialogue.

Political Psychology

Saner, R. 1990. Manifestation of Stress and its Impact on the Humanitarian Work of the ICRC Delegate. Political Psychology, Vol.11, No.4: 757-765

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