"The Expert Negotiator" 4th Edition

“The success of a negotiation is not a coincidence, but the result of careful planning. A person who has reflected and written about negotiations is Raymond Saner, a professor at the University of Basel in Switzerland, and lecturer at the prestigious Institute of Political Science of Paris (Sciences Po ). He has been for more than 20 years a consultant to the United Nations on the impact of globalization. These topics and challenges brought him to Bolivia, where he worked with dedication and left with many friends and colleagues.”

Die Zukunft der Diplomatie

This book chapter describes the professional culture of a diplomat and compares the professional requirements of the past with the challenges of the present and discusses the emerging requirements of the future professional role of a diplomat.

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Training Diplomats in Management and Leadership

My presentation draws on my twenty years of experience as trainer, expert, consultant and university professor with special focus on management and leadership training for private and public sector organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America as well as for almost all of the UN organizations and specialized agencies.

Book chapter in “European Diplomacy: Regional Cooperation, Lifelong Learning and Diplomatic Training”, Diplomatic Academy Proceedings, Vol.8, Nr1, 2011, Diplomatic Academy, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia.



Training of Diplomats

Training of Diplomats: Guarantee Training Effectiveness through use of the Quality Assurance System (ISO 10015),

book chapter, in “Foreign Ministries: Managing Diplomatic Networks and Optimizing Value”, edited by K. Rana & J. Kurbalija, DiploFoundation, 2007.

Negotiations Between State Actors And Non State Actors: Case Analyses From Different Parts Of The World

altToday's world has gone beyond state-to-state negotiations. While these traditional forms of engagement still exist, the more rapid developments have occurred at the boundary of social and political conflicts. The State's strict jurisdiction over diplomacy as a tool for conflict resolution is being increasingly challenged by economic actors and civil society actors. This new overlapping of convergent and divergent interests between these multiple actors is the focus of the book.

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