Raymond Saner, “The professional culture of a Diplomat”.

What is needed is solid craftsmanship and openness to new ideas The diplomat as a mirror of contemporary history Involving non-state actors, not excluding them Diplomatic competence as an extended term Entrepreneurial diplomacy
Business diplomacy of multinational companies Negotiation and conflict skills Cognitive and emotional flexibility Playing roles and not falling out of character Adhere to the limits to one’s own mandate.

Articles on the professional culture of a diplomat based on a book chapter titled “On the future of diplomacy” published in 2002. The text is given in German (original), French and English.

Zur Kultur des Berufs: Was ist ein Diplomat? - Dr. Raymond Saner

La culture de la profession diplomatique: qu'est-ce qu'un diplomate ? - Dr. Raymond Saner

On the culture of the profession: what is a diplomat? - Dr. Raymond Saner